WWI Debate Overview

By: Allie Butterfield

For years, East Greenwich High School has hosted a World War 1 debate featuring the talented students of the sophomore class. Teams are created to represent a certain country, all proving the fault of another existing country – fighting to prove their guilt. In every team, there is a captain. These captains lead their team to the success of their own innocence while passing the fault onto others. One captain explains the process as, “stressful, but fun.” A lot of work is put into the debate itself. The debate will soon be judged by teachers and upperclassmen – our debate alumni. This judging process is very stressful for the sophomores because of how much work they put in and the anticipation of the outcome. All teams are flooded with nerves during this process. In any other grouped presentations in school, sometimes you get harder topics to defend than others, but during this debate process, there is much less of that feeling. It is a difficult yet exciting event all sophomores experience throughout their years in East Greenwich High School. Everyone comes together to  answer a question still asked today: Who really started World War 1?

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