What Homecoming Means to Me

By Gwen Pearson

Staff Writer


What does homecoming mean to me? If you were to ask me a year ago, the beginning of my freshman year, I might say it means excitement. Excitement in picking out a dress, getting a date (or lack thereof), and the tacky traditions like getting ready with my best friends. However, this year is different. I still feel excited, but homecoming just feels like an obligation. I mean, is there really a point to all of it? To get dressed up, and to go there and stand in a sweaty gym with a bunch of sweaty kids with their sweaty hands on each other’s hips. I see all the fuss over it; the homecoming game, the flyers plastered all over the school, the pep rally. I understand homecoming is a really, really big deal to people, but to me, it just seems like another reason for girls to buy a dress and to pretend to be someone else for one night.

It should be more than that. Homecoming should be a night where you define yourself and ditch the status quo. People should wear whatever they want to wear, and ask whoever they want to. Homecoming shouldn’t be a night where we cover ourselves in makeup and mask who we really are. Homecoming should be a night where we embrace who we are. Where we laugh and dance and just do whatever we want, because every person has something to offer, even though they might struggle and look at themselves and just pick out everything that’s wrong with them. Therefore I don’t want homecoming to be a night where girls get all dressed up and wear a ton of makeup so they look really good on the outside. It has to be more than that. Sure, I agree, I want to look nice on the outside. But most importantly, I want to feel even better on the inside.

That’s what homecoming means to me, coming home to a place where you feel welcome and are accepted.  

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