Welcome (Back) to EGHS, Mr. DeAngelis!

By: Stef Chow

After being teased by his mother for being the kid that watched the History Channel for fun, it only made sense that Nicholas DeAngelis went on to study history in college. Since then, Mr. DeAngelis has graduated from University of Rhode Island and taught all around our small state. Some of these schools include North Providence High School, Lincoln High School, and South Kingstown High School, where he actually taught the son of his current colleague, Mr. Perrin. However, this is not the first time that Mr. DeAngelis has had the opportunity to work with Mr. Perrin and the rest of the EGHS history department. Although he can currently be found in Room 129 while Mrs. Shaw is on maternity leave, Mr. DeAngelis was previously a substitute for Mrs. Garno during the 2015-16 school year. Consequently, it would be no surprise if the name “Mr. DeAngelis” has already been heard. However, I decided to welcome Mr. DeAngelis back to the avengers community by learning a little more about this recurring substitute.

When asked about his hobbies, Mr. DeAngelis responded by saying he enjoys playing hockey, participating in “old man softball,” writing in his diary, and taking long walks on the beach. Respectable. He was also kind enough to share his infatuation for Chick-Fil-A. “I love fried chicken,” noted the U.S. History teacher. On the other hand, he also shared his hatred for ignorance. Though ignorance is subjective, DeAngelis revealed ignorant people to be his biggest pet peeve – Take note. Another secret shared by Mr. DeAngelis, that his students should be aware of, was that he knows what they really do on their chromebook. “I know you’re not using your chromebook for the right reason in my class,” warned Mr. DeAngelis.

Despite this, Mr. DeAngelis has explained how happy he is to be teaching at East Greenwich High School. “I really do like the community here,” the teacher shared, “It is my ideal environment.” Hopefully, we can continue to create a warm environment for Mr. DeAngelis until the end of the first quarter, when he is scheduled to leave our small high school.