Ways to Make Money in Quarantine

By Hannah Lally

Rumor has it that we’re headed into lockdown 2.0. With spare time on your hands, you may find yourself itching for something to do. So why not make some money? Here are 10 safe ways to get that extra cash while in quarantine

Sell clothes

Lots of people are buying online in response to the pandemic. Upload unneeded items to sites like Poshmark, ThreadUp, Ebay, and Depop. They’re simple to use and have a fun community. Plus, second hand clothes are better for the environment.


Whether you’re tutoring a kid in your town or someone from a different country, teaching people online is a great option to make money. Market your tutoring service on social media or join a website, and use your best subjects to your advantage.

Walk dogs

Walking neighborhood pets is not only safe, but you get to spend time outside with animals. Their owners get a break while you make some money and new friends. It’s a win win. 

Sell crafts

Many people are trying to support small businesses right now, so become a small business owner. Etsy, ArtFire, and Shopify are easy-to-use sites where you can use a talent of yours to make money. Possible things you could sell include handmade jewelry, candles, paintings, cards, and pottery.

Start a blog

Have a niche for something? Write about it. If companies see you have a strong work ethic and a unique writing style, they may sponsor you to promote their product or service. You can also become monetized and earn income from advertisements shown on your website.

Take surveys

If you don’t want to work too hard, taking surveys online is an easy way to make a little money. Websites like Survey Junkie, OneOpinion, Swagbucks, and LifePoints offer a non time-consuming way to take surveys from your very own bed.

Offer childcare services

You don’t have to be inside to babysit; playing with a kid or two outside is a great alternative. Come up with activities that allow for social distancing. You earn money, the children have a blast, and the parents will be grateful for a break.

Test websites

As the internet grows bigger, more companies are looking for people to test out their websites. Make $10 in 10 minutes by simply checking out a website and providing feedback on sites such as UserTesting, TryMyUI, Enroll, and Userlytics.

Sell photographs

Whether they’re from a boujee camera or your smartphone, you can sell photographs online. Companies that are looking for pictures that fit their brand can buy your photos. Making royalties off pictures can be done on sites like iStock, Shutterstock, and Etsy.

Transcribe audios

Audio transcription is on high demand and you can make even $60 per audio hour doing it. Sites that offer money in exchange for transcription include TranscribeMe, Rev, Upwork, GoTranscript, and CastingWords. It’s a straightforward task that you can do from anywhere around the world (not that you’d be traveling around the world right now). 

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