Voices of Beauty at EGHS

by Sophie Barreto


It’s very refreshing to see an assembly at EGHS that truly contains something for everyone. On March 23rd, the Voices of Beauty organization displayed exactly this.

Following last year’s incredible performance, Real Girls Matter invited the Voices of Beauty group back again this year to perform once more with their unique combination of spoken word poetry and dance. This performance features poetry centered around themes of all different kinds of struggles that young adults experience involving anything from family life to mental illness to insecurity. In last year’s performance, some members of the EGHS Slam Club presented pieces of their own original poetry.I was lucky enough to participate in this performance, and I can truthfully say that the people of this organization are some of the most kind-hearted, talented, and passionate people I had ever met. They are very committed to creating an artform that goes beyond just a performance. In fact, a friend of mine turned to me after this year’s performance with a wide-eyed blank face and said coldly, “Are you okay after that? Because I don’t think I am.” So if you don’t believe me, ask anyone who witnessed the show.

This year, Fiona Chan and Grace Miner took the stage and presented their own original poetry. Exactly what does this show consist of you ask? Well, it is exactly what it is listed as: poetry and dance. But the unique thing about it is that each poem is performed with a dance along with it, as if the poetry acts as the music. Some dances are also performed with real music, but as interpretations as a certain poem. All of the performed poetry is original and unique. At the end of the show, the artists sit at the edge of the stage for a Q&A session with the audience. At this time, I asked about how a specific dance is choreographed with a poem, and if the individual dancers choose a poet that they relate to. They explained that the dancers are generally assigned a poem without necessarily any choice in the matter. However, they also labeled this as the beauty of it. One of the dancers explained that it is always the most interesting and captivating part of the journey to be able to find something that the individual can connect to from someone else’s poem. The connection between our thoughts and feelings and this idea that no one is alone is truly what Voices of Beauty is all about.

For further information, check out http://www.partoftheoath.org

Feature Photo Credits to Editor Stuart Hallagan

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