“Us Divided by Zero-” The Undefined Era of Post-Post Modernism

By: Dominique Harris

Scholars and artists of our time have difficulty classifying what world has come to. The twenty first century remains unique for a number of reasons, its influence lost in translation somewhere between the heroic villain of the postmodern era and the comedic mockery of the present. In 1953, Marilyn Monroe belted “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” and became a social icon, and today people look to artists such as Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar to make important political and social statements.  We have seemingly entered the age of the “Undefined,” and scholars classify us as “Post post modernists” and “meta modernists.”

How did we go from Miles Davis to Kanye West in less than 100 years? What about the twenty first century remains so perpetual that we can’t even attach a name to it? Postmodernism is known for replacing romantic ideals with mockery, and to some extent we are a product of that. The world is fascinating to whoever decides to stand outside the bubble of pop culture and look inside. They see a mockery made out of genius, the clashing of religious and spiritual cultures, money hungry ambition, and pessimism that’s oddly comedic.

Basically, a hot mess.

We are taught that what we do is wrong. Humanity, according to many, has descended into the chaos of technology and shallowness. We wish to go back to the ‘old times,’ where something important was actually happening, like the Jazz era and the Civil Rights Movement. What we fail to realize is we are important.

The ‘meta modernists’ have something no other generation has had: the ability to create and destroy. We can keep recycling the old and trash it, we can restore the old and glorify it, or we can progress with our lives and our cynicism without any judgement.

We choose.

Our time is under no restrictions, no bounds to hold us back. People are praised for being outcasts, and thus, something new always comes to the party even if the guests don’t really like it.

So the next time you start to question your faith in humanity, make it into a meme and move on and invent a time machine. Or something.

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