UPDATE: Winter School Plans

By Ana Chelidze

As we move through this year, there are so many things happening now in our lives that are absolutely insane. None of us really know what will happen tomorrow, and I’m sure most of us are just waiting for the announcement that we are moving to full distance learning. 

So, what is happening in school this winter? Yesterday evening, the school committee met to answer this question. Superintendent Meyers suggested we move to distance learning from December 21 to January 8 in order to help lower the spike in covid cases we saw after Thanksgiving break. There was a caveat included in this: Special education students will be allowed to continue to attend school in person. 

Our case numbers in RI are still way too high, with hospitalization rates only rising. At the end of last week, EG had 91 confirmed new cases of covid. School Committeeman Gene Quinn said that the “system is at a breaking point.” On top of this, schools in our district have also been dramatically understaffed, with teachers calling in from home anytime they feel sick or have to quarantine. This way distance learning would give them time to recover physically. The school board voted 5-2 to approve Superintendent Meyers’ proposal. Think of it as an extended Winter Break (just don’t forget to keep showing up to class)! 

Ana Chelidze

Ana is currently a junior, graduating in 2022. Her favorite book is The Call Of The Wild, and she loves writing about the teachers and curriculum changes because knowing the faculty and staff and how much effort they put into our education is important to her.