Unified Athlete Interview with Joe Gendron

By Alex Gendron

Today, I interviewed Joe Gendron who plays on the Unified Sports Team. I asked him some questions on Unified Sports as a whole and his experiences with them. His input was quite interesting. The main focus was his personal experience and development with Unified instead of Unified in general. Overall, he was very thoughtful and honest with his answers.

What is your involvement in Unified Sports?

Joe is a junior at East Greenwich High School and he has been playing Unified Sports for 3 years now. He has played basketball and volleyball for all of his years at the high school. He said that his involvement in Unified has helped with lots of things like staying calm and always being excited about his games. Joe is very good at both of his sports.

How have Unified Sports changed this year?

Joe exclaimed that due to COVID-19, the Unified Sports teams were not able to do what they usually would. They were not allowed to play volleyball in fall, although that is when the season usually takes place. Instead, they improvised and went outside to do various activities instead such as walking the fitness trail, having a water balloon fight, and playing tennis.

What are your hopes for the rest of the Unified season?

Since the Unified volleyball season got cancelled in the fall, the team has been trying to move the season to the spring. Joe hopes that there will still be a season for the volleyball team. He says that he hopes “that I will play basketball in spring.” The last thing he hopes for is a senior night for all the seniors currently on the Unified teams. He cares about the people that he has been around these last three years and hopes they get the recognition they deserve.

What does Unified Sports mean to you?

Joe said that Unified Sports has helped him ever since middle school and he is appreciative for the opportunities that Unified has given him. He is grateful that it gives him the ability to excel at sports he is good at. He says, “it is something I can do that’s not hard for me.” He hopes for something better in the future based off of his experiences with Unified sports.

How much of an influence do the other people in Unified have on you?

The teammates and coaches that Joe has had over the years have been phenomenal. He explained how his teammates have always had great energy and lots of spirit when playing in sports. He stated,” I want to have the same spirit when I am a senior on the team.” He has been influenced by his peers ever since he joined and he is very grateful for them.

Overall, the interview with Joe ended up going very well. The importance of Unified Sports to him is something that I have never seen before. His passion and enthusiasm for Unified makes him such a happy and bubbly person. He loves sports in general and his energy is infectious. Unified Sports do not get the recognition they deserve in my opinion. But Unified players like Joe always show it on and off the court.

Alex Gendron

Alex is a freshman, graduating in 2024. His favorite book is Word Nerd, and he likes to write about sports a lot because he's always loved them, and likes to express his love for it through writing.