Top 10 Moments of Pep Rally 2015

Last Friday, the entire population of EGHS crammed into the old gym for the culminating event of Spirit Week – Pep Rally. The Spectrum Staff has reviewed and analyzed each aspect of pep rally and now, we present you with our top ten moments of Pep Rally 2015:


10. Screaming.IMG_0254

Screaming, screaming and yes, more screaming. Although some students reported losing their voices (and some teachers, their hearing), we found that if screaming was indeed a way to measure school spirit, EGHS certainly has a lot.




  1. Mr. Revkin’s Surprise Fork12120146_995269977191223_1237343668334939961_o

Next on the list is Mr. Revkin’s plot twist during the pie eating contest. While students and teachers alike were trying to approaching their pies face first, senior class advisor, Mr. Revkin cooly used his surprise cutlery to take a relaxed approach. This raises so many questions. Does Mr. Revkin keep this fork with him at all times? Is it a pet of sorts? More details as the story develops.

  1. Flipping Freshmen

During the special talents portion of the pep rally 12138578_995277373857150_1737485351118958693_o (1)us upperclassmen, realized we may have grossly underestimated the incoming freshmen. History has proven that the seniors are the stars of pep rally, but the freshmen held their own this year. Two separate freshmen went shyly out into the middle of the gym and then proceeded to propel themselves into some kind of twisting, torquing, airborne mass AND stick the landing. Although the freshmen typically seem a bit overwhelmed and more hesitant to participate, we were shocked as we watched more than one freshmen literally launch their bodies into the air and fly across the gym.

  1. Football Team Hula Hoop Contest ft. KesleyIMG_0246

Along with the flipping freshmen, the senior football players’ hula hoop con
test was entertaining, to say the least. Although we were very proud of RJ Matthieu’s victory, the spectrum staff found senior, Kesley Exil’s random appearance and determined hula hooping to be the highlight of the entire contest.



  1. Zack Beattie’s Dr. Pepper ShowerIMG_0261



Zack Beattie has enthusiastically represented the class of 2017 at each pep rally and this year was no exception – pouring a liter of Dr. Pepper on himself during the soda-drinking contest and leaving pep rally host Emma Schambers to give him a shout out for “having no chill.” Student council executives grudgingly cleaned up the sugary, carbonated leftovers while Zack marched triumphantly around the gym, arms raised, dripping Dr. P.






  1. Mr. Chace Getting a Pie to the Face12052410_995272107191010_4236418949088677260_o

Number 5 goes out to Mr. Chace. Our assistant principal was awarded a blueberry pie to the face this year which he accepted with a stately pride and followed with a victorious arm raise, encouraging even more cheers from the stands. Classic.




  1. Harry Chace’s Contortions

And again, the underclassmen shock us with their talents.
As soon as sophomore Harry Chace stepped down from the bleachers, we knew we would be entertained, shown by the uproar in the stands, from all four corners of the room who are all too familiar with Harry’s entertaining shenanigans. But nobody expected what followed. We watched in amazement and slight disturbance as Harry Chace contorted his body into some unnatural positions, walking on just his knees and putting his feet by his head.  Our favorite part: watching Mrs. Chace’s reaction.


  1. IMG_0395 Srina Lacet and Hector Vargas Hitting That Whip

Once again, the freshmen surprised us all with their enthusiasm. Srina Lacet and Hector Vargas, in particular, showed some serious dedication during the dance contest – showcasing their go-to move, “the whip.”




  1. Erika Shipley and Zack Beattie DancingIMG_0402

Also dancing in the dance contest were juniors Zack Beattie and Erika Shipley. Nobody expected what was to come. Although it seems everybody there would’ve seen the spectacle, if you didn’t catch it – look at these pictures. We applaud Erika for looking so happy while being spun a million miles hour by a soda-soaked Zack.




12039173_1680915895456868_7299825879812692570_o (1)

  1. Field Hockey Potato Sack Race with Seamus

And topping out our list at number one was the potato sack race with the girls field hockey team featuring EGHS’ resident cowboy, Seamus Hanover. The infamous rivalry between the two reached its climax as they hopped across the gym. The winner was unclear from our spot in the audience, but what was clear is that this is certainly not the end.


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