To The Freshman Class: A Bit of Advice

To the Freshmen Class:

I’d like to start out by expressing my deepest condolences for making it this far, because in all honesty, high school is what people say it is: stressful. There will be nights where you don’t go to sleep until 3 a.m. working on a film project for English, and there will be tests so hard that you can’t help but let a tear slip down your cheek. I’ve been there– we upperclassmen have all been there–and yet, here we are, hanging in there for another year. How do we manage it, you ask? I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret that might just help in the long run. Are you ready? Alright, here it is: there are bigger and better things to think about than high school.

Allow me to elaborate. High school will no doubt provide some of the most memorable years of your life, but it all depends what you choose to do while you’re here. Yes, you might be stressed out for a couple of weeks here and there, but the fun things offered here can get you through the tough exams. Nothing beats going home after a test, taking a nap, and going out to a football game with your friends (and stopping by the tailgate offered by the Grilling Club, too).

For you athletes, the relationships you make with upperclassmen are an easy way to settle in to the high school atmosphere. Knowing people besides your peers is comforting, and you automatically look like the cool kid when a senior says “hi” to you in the hallway. Even if sports aren’t for you, there are countless clubs and activities to get excited about. See Mrs. Page about joining FBLA or ask Mr. Rath about StuCo or, better yet, join the Spectrum. There really is a club out there for every interest, and if there isn’t one for you, contact Mr. Chace about making your own club. East Greenwich’s Slam Club is a prime example of the student body’s willingness to get together and pursue a common interest. The theater department is always looking for more actors and actresses to get involved, with its annual play mid-winter, but perhaps the Cabaret and Talent Show are more your speed. If still nothing at the high school presents any interest, one of your friends would love your support at her soccer game or his act in Air Band.

It’s easy to see the variety this school has to offer, especially when it comes to getting involved. Why binge-watch Game of Thrones when you can go out to a sporting event or one of the many performances throughout the year? The answer is clear: the Battle of the Blackwater can wait. It’s definitely easier to endure the Biology tests and English portfolios with others from your class and there’s no better way to do so than to get together and cheer on your fellow Avengers.  Hang in there, little freshies, because high school really isn’t that bad if you make it worth your while. I hope this small insight is helpful to your future endeavors, and I wish you the best of luck with your sports, theater performances, and exams throughout your high school career.


Yours truly,

Sydney Souness

P.S. Passes for the third floor pool have increased to $12 starting Monday.

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