Thetford Woods Trail Run

by Emma Macdonald

Staff Writer

DBK_2374On Saturday, October 3rd, the Avenger’s Cross Country team had an outstanding day of racing at the 25th annual Thetford Woods Trail Run in Vermont. This race is one of the many fun trips to team goes on throughout the season. The skies were clear and the chill temperature of 50 degrees was perfect for running. Luckily, the hurricane weather previously predicted had missed the area.  The team had driven up the previous day to get a taste for the course, and were pleased with the good condition it was in.DBK_2385

A total 608 girls and 823 boys from over 60 teams from around New England had traveled to Vermont to compete. First up for East Greenwich was the girl’s seed 3 race. Senior Sarah Basler finished in 16th place out of the 144 runners in her heat with a time of 23:12.84 for the hilly, predominantly trails 5k course. Freshman Jillian Valente finished in 33rd place with a time of 24:02.69. When they finished with the difficult course, they relayed to their teammates that it was hard, but not as hard as they thought it was going to be. The feature which took the most toll on you during the race was the infamous hill, “Morty’s Monster.” Around the two mile mark, DBK_2349runners are forced to push themselves up this incredible part of the course. The fortunate thing is that what goes up must come down. This is certainly a relief to the runner’s legs once they reach the top of the steep hill. In the girl’s seed 2 race, Ashton Deakin finished 10th in her heat with a time of 21:39.94, followed by Lauren Salvadore with a time of 22:31.10. Both sophomores finished strong. Next up, in the boy’s seed 2 race senior Alec Gannon finished 1st in his race with a time of 17:46.13. Despite injury, he managed to race well. Also in seed 2, Hank Perretta finished at 18:06.64. Colin Cianciolo finished in 13th, Matt Plympton in 28th, Kyle Martinez in 36th, and Cole Campbell in 39th. In the seed 1 girl’s race, freshman Emma Macdonald finished 38th in her heat, at a time of 20:46.10. Kalie Bremer finished in 43rd, and Rachel Berman in 58th. In the seed 1 boys race, Jackson Cronin finished in 10th at 16:55.13. Joe Higgins finished in 27th, Dylan DePriest in 33rd, Tim Sanzi in 35th, Jack Sommer in 45th, and Dante Prosseda in 66th.

DBK_2224-2The runners were happy with their performance, and knew the team results would prove the same. In cross country, the lowest combined score wins. Overall, the girls finished in 10th with 338 points. Being a group of runners as young as themselves, this was an amazing accomplishment. So far in the 2015 season, they have been undefeated in dual meets, and recently won the Suburban Division. As they continue to grow over the next few years, they are determined to add to their list of growing success.

The boys, who usually place high at Thetford, finished 2nd overall with a score of 141 points, missing first place by 12 points. The boys also went undefeated in dual meets.As championship season is fast approaching, the athletes are not letting down. They continue to prepare themselves and make their mark at races all around New England. No matter where you send them, the EGHS cross country team races well.

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