The “Sit With Us” Situation

Sit With Us

Remember the notorious “Mix it Up at Lunch” from middle school? Well, there is now a new app called Sit With Us, which has a similar goal.

Sit With Us is an app created by a teenager to resolve the awkwardness of having to sit alone at lunch. The app lets students send out a message inviting people to join them for lunch, which prevents kids from being publically rejected. The app also makes the students feel more comfortable, as they are sitting at a new table they know has friendly people.

Mr. Rath, who is implementing Sit With Us, stated, “our main goal is for everyone to feel safe, secure and welcome.” He recognizes that there are many different social groups in high school, but he believes this app will allow students to eat with peers who will make them feel included.

While sometimes finding a table to sit at is difficult, starting this December, hopefully Sit With Us will make eating in our cafeteria a lot more enjoyable.

By: Laura-Leigh Vetters

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