The Podcast Studio: Let Your Voice Be Heard

By Saloni Jain

Situated in the heart of the library lies a space embellished with soundproof walls, three microphones, and a couple chairs: the new podcast studio. 

The old office in the library has been transformed into the brand new podcast studio using a grant from the Rhode Island Office of Library and Information Services. This company paid for all the equipment, including the soundproofing panels, microphones, and furniture. 

Using this high quality equipment, students are able to record their voices and be heard by a variety of audiences, ranging from teachers and friends to the entire school community. This opportunity allows students to improve their communication skills, while also providing them with a larger audience to discuss, present, and question each other’s ideas.

Recently, Mr.Kenney’s tenth grade humanities English classes have explored the idea of personal beliefs, with their “I believe” podcasts. Ranging from topics such as “Materialistic Life” to “Faith in Humanity,” eighty-nine students spoke with conviction on a topic that they truly believed in. If you would like to learn more and listen, click here. Additionally, Mrs. Garno’s Current American Issues class created some lively debates on the Second Amendment as well as some interesting discussions on immigration. The link to these podcasts can be found here.

In the upcoming weeks, expect to be transported to different countries as Mrs. Varone’s advanced French class divulges on topics in French and Ms. O’Day’s Spanish classes record conversations in Spanish. Moreover, be on the lookout for more podcasts from Humanities students as they examine happy memories in their lives and connect them to one another. Once these come out, you can access the podcasts here. On top of that, members of Future Business Leaders of America are going to record a series of financial literacy podcasts based on the book “The Missing Semester.”  

All in all, the podcast studio is a great way to communicate ideas to everyone in the community. According to Mrs. Steever, podcasts are a “medium available to everyone… and can be listened to anywhere and by everyone at any time,” making it easy for “our already hectic lives.” Additionally she stated that “podcasts are stories for the listener, enabling them to connect with one another in a larger community,” so I highly encourage everyone to listen to the podcasts on Spotify to develop a deeper connection with the people in this community and also record your own podcast. Let your voice be heard. 

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