The Heated Debate Behind These Chilly Songs

by Stef Chow

With December in full swing, all the senses are in shock – the crisp feel of the icy air, the sweet taste of peppermint everything, the colorful sight of strings upon strings of lights, and the controversial sound of holiday music being played everywhere. However, it would be no surprise if “Jingle Bell Rock” were heard back in November, or even June, in some cases. This raises a hot question during these chilly times: When is it considered too early to listen to Christmas music?

While some people roll their eyes at the thought of hearing about yet another “Winter Wonderland,” others thrive during these times. “It gets me going,” senior Matt Sommer shared. According to him, it is never too early to break out the festive songs. In contrast, some people make their decision based on the neighboring holidays. These are the believers that all holidays deserve their designated celebration period, and Christmas needs to stay in its own timeframe. Josh Fazio states that “Thanksgiving is the cutoff.” Once turkey day is over, many people are ready for the break out some Wham! Meanwhile, there are others who believe that it is all dependent on the mood. A huge factor of the mood? The weather. “As soon as it’s cold enough to go put a sweatshirt on, it’s acceptable to listen to Christmas music,” John Marshall declares.

And of course, there are the people responsible for Mariah Carey holiday tunes blasting in the middle of summer. One prime example of this is East Greenwich High School’s expert on these holly jolly jingles, Claire Burbridge. In her opinion, it is never too early to listen to Christmas music. Her reasoning? Sometimes you just need to get in the spirit! Of course, Burbridge admits it is more fun to listen when everyone else is in the mood and there’s “Christmas lights and snow and all that jazz.” However, this Christmas enthusiast did not gain her title for nothing. When asked about the music, Claire referenced the root of the melodies. “Christmas is all about giving and everyone is in a good spirit, so sometimes I think people need that. Christmas music is a good fix for a bad day.”

Despite all the differing opinions, it is undeniable that Christmas is right around the corner. So, blast that holiday music and sing about Santa Claus coming to town with utter pride – whether it is to accompany all the winter festivities, or simply to lift the mood on a bad day.



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