The Chimpanzee Whisperer: Jane Goodall

By Alana Modi

Jane Goodall, a woman whose research changed the thinking of an entire race of people. It was Dr. Goodall who told the story of the chimpanzee, the closest relative to the human, ones whose extinction could be detrimental to the entire planet. Goodall did all of this while being constantly criticized and continues to raise awareness for a never ending cause, one that is constantly put on the back burner and ignored by society. It has been Jane Goodall’s conservation efforts that have gotten scientists this far and her continuous outreach and actions have taught and enlightened so many. 

Jane Goodall has always had a love for animals and once was even reported as missing by her parents who were unaware that she had snuck to a henhouse, scanning their actions. Along with this experience, being exposed to “Doctor Dolittle” books sparked her love for Africa and from there her life adventure began. She has changed everyone’s life and understanding her scientific impact on the world can lead to a very knowledgeable society and environmentally cautious. The Chimpanzee has touched millions of hearts and will not stop until the species is saved and taken off the endangered species list, which it seems to be calling home, one reality we must change. 

We are constantly asked to donate money and help support animals on the brink of extinction, yet do we actually pay attention or take the time to care? If we could all just take a second to understand the impacts that can be present if just one species withered away, so much more could be done for those species who are suffering. It is hard to ask of some people who are overly consumed in their daily life, but without some species, there may not be a planet for us to be busy in. Jane Goodall was able to understand this and took her time to understand more about the humans closest living relative. It was her project, The Gombe, that is considered to be the longest running wildlife research project which began in 1960. Everything we learn about these creatures sparks from Dr. Goodall’s research that has now become common knowledge to many because of her immense efforts. 

Some may wonder what a primatologist like her wore during her travels and days of studying the primates behavior and actions and the truth is, she wore Converse, a fashion trend that has been quickly approaching in our present day. It was typically being barefooted that brought her most comfort in her daily tasks, but it was Converse that accompanied her in harsh terrain. In the beginning the dangers of observing the primates up close were very unknown and going into the Gombe forest in Tanzania was a daring move since there was no real knowledge of what lived there or how help could reach her in desperate times. Jane Goodall can be seen as a symbol of bravery and adventure and nothing can deplete this title in any way. 

The chimpanzee whisper has created a revolution and nothing can stop Jane Goodall from continuing to teach and nourish the minds of various generations. 

Alana Modi

Alana is a freshman, graduating in 2024. Her favorite book is Out of My Mind, and she likes writing about people’s personal ideas and opinions on things and interviewing them to get their scoop on various topics. Alana believes it is important to see other perspectives and grow from other's ideas and experiences.

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