Tales of the Talent Show

By: Gwen Pearson

I’d like to believe that we all have talent. Some of us are just more theatrically inclined than others. The annual talent show, a night filled with not only talent but also laughter and an unbelievable number of kazoos, boasted some of EG’s brightest stars. From extraordinary dancing to stand-up comedy, there was truly a little bit of everything at this year’s (two night!) show.

This past Wednesday marked the first night of the performances, beginning with an outstanding collection of students singing “Maybe I’m Amazed.” I enjoyed how the hosts introduced themselves after the first performance–the audience got a teaser of what was to come and it left us wanting more. Notable singers included a duet with two freshmen, Sophie Johnson and Caleb Gupta, singing “I See Fire,” as well as Logan Branch with Frank Sinatra’s “From This Moment On.” And who can forget East Greenwich’s own John Mayer, Jason Pieroni! He performed, “Hideaway” brilliantly, and then surprised the audience by playing the drums for Sam Wronski’s wonderful performance of “Heartbreak Warfare.” While the singing was spectacular, the dancing was top-notch. As a dancer of six years, I understand how challenging it is and was very impressed by Thursday night’s dancers. Junior, Grace Ferguson, performed a beautiful lyrical piece to “She Used to be Mine.” On the opposite end, multiple students danced to a spunky, hip-hop number entitled, “Countdown.” Both dances were extremely entertaining and very well-done.

While it may seem hard to top the first night, the second night definitely delivered. After the host’s welcomed the audience, a beautiful Indian dance number was executed by sophomore Riya Sen to “Kuchipudi Thali.” It was absolutely stunning, and the genuine, cultural aspects were wonderful to see. Sophomore Annie Liu also delivered a very impressive performance- an elegant piano concert to “Claire de Lune.” Although there were many top-notch performances, perhaps the one that surprised the audience the most was sophomore Elliot Varone’s Jim Gaffigan Impersonation. I was not expecting to laugh as much as I did- he captured the essence of the comedian’s style. I continued to grin as the “Kazoo Krew III” strolled out onto the stage, made up of juniors. An EG tradition since the performers were freshmen, the Kazoo Krew never fails to bring a smile to everyone’s face and they never disappoint.

Although I only mentioned a few acts, all of the performers were excellent and extremely talented. I give them a lot of credit, because getting up on stage in front of a large audience is difficult for a lot of people. Also, Mr. Petrucci and all of the Tech Crew deserve to be recognized for their tireless hard work in putting together the show and making sure it runs smoothly. In my opinion, this year’s talent show offered some of the best talent I’ve seen from the school. Bravo, EGHS!

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