Takeaways from the Election

This election sent a huge message, but here are my takeaways:

America is fed up with the establishment. This anti-establishment theme commenced right from the start with the huge support for Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump and concluded on election night, but the stigma is not over. Americans no longer care for the stagnant government of the past.

Big media coverage no longer matters. Clinton had the mainstream media support, which typically amounts to a victory. The media loved to cover headlines depicting Trump as a racist or a wild card candidate that would be completely unpredictable in office. Meanwhile, little scrutiny went into the analysis of Benghazi, the emails, or the Clinton Foundation.

Big money didn’t matter. According to OpenSecrets, an organization that tracks money in politics, Hillary Clinton had a total of 687.2 million dollars in campaign donations vs Donald Trump’s 306.9 million dollars in capital. While the claim that money wins elections is contested, this election certainly showed that the over 100% difference could not win Clinton the election.

The Mid-West will never be forgotten again. Everyone who is scratching his head after Trump’s victory seems to have forgotten about the middle of our nation. While it’s typically left wing individuals who criticize the right for living in a bubble, the tables have now turned. The left was in a bubble, disregarding the heart of the country that would win the election.

By: Kip Hallagan

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