Swim Team Season Check-In

By Finnan Gammell

With only two months into the fresh winter sports season, the East Greenwich Swim Team has participated in one swim meet so far. Held at Roger Williams University on Monday December 12th, the swim meet was against Portsmouth. The experience of a swim meet was familiar to many, but for some of the new swimmers this year it was a unique one especially considering the COVID protocols. Swimmers are required to wear their masks up to the blocks, place them inside a plastic bag while they swim, and then put their mask back on upon leaving the pool. An anonymous freshman swimmer reflects on the meet, stating that, “The girls’ side of the team really pulled through for EG, they performed very well. The team definitely has spirit, no doubt about that, and I truly believe that in a couple months we will be a formidable team. It was a great experience, and still continues to be a fantastic and close team.”

Roger Williams University Aquatics Center, where the meet was held.

In terms of scoring for the meet, each swimmer can earn their respective school four points for finishing first, three points for second, and one point for third. For relays, the scoring is the same excluding first place, which earns six points. The scores are then tallied up to find the winning school for each gender. East Greenwich girls took home an impressive victory, winning 55-39. Unfortunately, the boys didn’t fare so well, losing 40-51. However, the boys are hopeful for the upcoming meets and are ready to try their very best to take home some wins for EG!

Holiday music being played on the bus ride. Great team spirit!

Regardless of the meet results, the overall organization and atmosphere of the event was fantastic.  The team was very supportive towards their fellow teammates, making the meet very enjoyable and fun for all of the swimmers involved. One of the team’s captains, Audrey Kling, commented that team spirit was high, noting that there was “lots of cheering and singing on the bus.” Additionally, Audrey explains that everyone was “vibrant and excited” for their very first meet of the season. Hopefully this team spirit continues, as the next swim meet will be held at East Greenwich’s home pool, McDermot. The meet is against Classical on the 7th of January. Let’s wish them good luck for the rest of the season! Go Avengers!