Stories of a Well Lived Life: A Senior Project

By Dorothea Bianco

As you may or may not know, my last article was about the fabled senior project. Not only did I have first-hand experience with my older sister going through the process, but my mom was also a mentor to one of our own fellow seniors Anita Millson. After overhearing a few of their conversations I was already intrigued. Prior to her starting her senior project, Anita worked at a nursing home. There, she helps the elderly with their daily needs. Anita has always loved giving back to the community that has given so much to her.

When her mother’s friend Amy, who she visited at the nursing home, passed away, Anita began to realize that she knew very little about the other residents in the facility. Anita says, “I occasionally sat down with a resident and talked to them, but only about superficial things like the weather or what was on TV. That’s when I realized it was not just my conversation with the residents that was superficial, it was our entire relationship. I knew their names, some of their favorite TV shows or celebrities, but I had no clue about what they had done before they came to the nursing home.”

Anita wanted to use the stories of older citizens and turn them into lessons that the younger generations and student body should hear. For most seniors, they use this project as an opportunity to create a product that is meaningful to them. This was her exact idea. Anita created a series of podcasts where she interviewed the elderly living in the senior home. There, she listened to the stories of their life with interest and passion. She has put in an incredible amount of work and effort into them, and so I hope you all consider clicking the link and listening to Stories of a Life Well Lived.