Rapid Fire with Sra. Pontarelli

Favorite Way to Spend Time

With my family and friends.


Proudest Accomplishment

My son!


I’d Like to Be Remembered For

Making a change and sticking up for what I believe in.


Top On My Bucket List

To walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain one summer.


Most Used App



I am Listening To

Gente de Zona


Last Movie Watched

Black Mass


Favorite TV Show



Favorite Food



Trait I Most Admire



Pet Peeve

Chipped nail polish


Little Known Fact About Me

I studied Russian for 8 years.


If I Ruled The World I Would

Be shocked!!!


If I Won the Lottery

Give money to my family members.


Always In My Fridge



If I Could Have Dinner And A Conversation With Anyone In The World I Would Choose

Pope Francis


What’s The Best Part Of Your Day

Between 7:30-8:00 when my family is all together.


If Hollywood Made A Movie Out Of Your Life, Which Actor Would Play You

Elisabeth Shue


How Do You Eat Your Oreos

The way they are made.


If Your Were Stranded On A Deserted Island, Which Three People Would You Want To Be With You

My husband
My son
Julie Varone 🙂