Spoon Game: Free For All

By Dorothea Bianco

Its free for all time! The EGHS spoon game has reached one of its most exciting stages. After completing the single-elimination rounds, the game has begun its free for all stage, meaning that anybody who is still in the game can get tagged by anybody else who still has their spoon. 

For the few who do not know what the spoon game is, allow me to enlighten you. The spoon game all began with Mr. Brocato, an English teacher here at the high school. Originally the game was a staff and student body activity, but it soon evolved to a student only competition. With an end prize of free prom tickets, this game is only for juniors and seniors. The instructions are clear. You have one target and someone else has you. The goal is to hold on to your spoon without setting it down. If you do, your opponent is able to tag you with their spoon, and you will be eliminated.

With 40 people still left in the game, the halls are buzzing with excitement to see who the lucky winner will be. Claudia Smith is a fellow Senior who is still in the game. She explains her emotions and experience playing this game thus far. “I believe that playing in the spoon game is a source of fun and low-risk competition that I am not usually exposed to. It can help lower the mood and provide entertainment that may not otherwise be found. I enjoy it, and although winning would be fun, I am not expecting it.”

The spoon game is a way to lighten the spirits of hardworking students. If you did not participate this time, I would highly recommend doing so next year or when you become an upperclassmen. This coveted game has become a staple in the EGHS halls and will continue to be played religiously.  Who do you think is going to win?

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