Spirit Week – Not Just For Cheerleaders

Written by : Gwen Pearson


If you’ve ever wondered what a junior boy looks like as Minnie Mouse, you may be in luck. Or maybe you’re curious to know what qualifies as “pajamas” in this school. Either way, Spirit Week is just around the corner and you’re sure to find a wide variety of outrageous, hilarious, and simply ridiculous displays. The week starts with pajama day on Monday – possibly the best day because it requires the least amount of effort. Then Hawaiian day on Tuesday – watch out for those grass skirts and coconut bras. Wednesday is hippie day – I’m not sure what it is going to be more overused, the peace sign or the bell bottoms. On Thursday, each grade has a different theme. Freshmen are insects, probably because they’re the smallest on the food chain. Sophomores are superheroes because, well, why not? Juniors are Disney characters, which is ironic because junior year is the farthest thing from “the happiest place on Earth.” And of course seniors must be royalty because they are on top. All jokes aside, Spirit Week is a great time for all students to experience class unity, and more importantly school unity. When Grace Ferguson, a junior, was asked what her favorite part of school Spirit Week is, she said, “I mean… dressing up, haha. It’s the one week in the school year where kids can really show their school spirit.” Carissa Maloof, also a junior, agrees, “Spirit Week is an awesome way to express yourself.”


Dressing up for school, however, is really only the beginning. The Pep Rally, Homecoming Game, and Homecoming Dance are still ahead. The Pep Rally might not appeal to you because, quite frankly, who wants to stand in a sweaty auditorium crowded with over 800 people and teachers? Contrary to this belief, I always look forward to Pep Rally. It’s an event that will make you laugh, cheer, and scream. The class rivalries are incredibly entertaining to watch, although never malicious. Pep Rallies have a bad rep, in my opinion. They’re not just for cheerleaders, or students who have so much school spirit it is overwhelming. Ours is for everyone- everyone who wants to watch their teachers and classmates participate in hilarious activities, everyone who wants to cheer on their friends and represent their grade, and most importantly, for everyone who wants to feel a part of the high school.


The Homecoming football game is next on the list of Spirit Week activities. I personally never watch football on TV, but I always enjoy the Homecoming football game. It goes along with the inclusive nature of Spirit Week. Students sit together in the student section and root on our classmates. Even if you don’t really watch the actual game, you’re still surrounded by students from every class alike. Everyone gathers to represent our school. Perhaps that’s the greatest thing about the Homecoming Game, the feeling that we are all in this together. That, and the excitement for tomorrow’s Homecoming Dance.


The Homecoming Dance: the night where girls put on our best dress and spend hours doing our hair and makeup, and the guys put on their suits… reluctantly. While the dance itself might not have a lot of hype about it, it is truly a blast. It’s not just about who you’re bringing (or not bringing for that matter) or even what you wear. It’s more about just forgetting whatever differences we may have, and just having fun. I know it sounds cliche, and I know saying it sounds cliche sounds cliche, but with the music blasting, it’s hard to see and in a way we are all just in the moment. Victoria Renzi, a junior, says, “The dance is mainly about having a good time with friends, and the music is always on point.” I couldn’t agree more. The dance is the only dance of the year besides prom (which is for upperclassmen only) so everyone should take advantage of it.
October is a busy month here at EGHS as we begin to adjust to the new school year. While this adjustment can be quite overwhelming and unbearably difficult at times, I urge you to enjoy Spirit Week and the Homecoming festivities that occur. From juggling all the schoolwork and homework new teachers provide, to sports and clubs, days and even weeks can be so chaotic that you yearn for a break. And that is just what this time is all about- a fun, inclusive break to the hectic workload. So, no, Spirit Week is not just for cheerleaders or people who are bursting at the seams with enthusiasm. It is for every student, freshman to senior, to feel a part of the EGHS community.

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