Spirit Week in the Eyes of Freshmen

By: Laura Leigh Vetters

Loud, chaotic, fun, diverse, surprising, and exciting. These are only some of the words that the class of 2020 used to describe its first-ever high school spirit week. Even as freshmen, we still enjoyed the buzz of the eventful week. From the strange Hawaiian-themed day to the   food­-eating contests at the pep rally, all of it was all new and intriguing.

Although being underclassmen is often an uncomfortable experience, we still found a   way to revel in the activities of spirit week. Freshman Nick Sanzi said, “It’s really great how   even upperclassmen go all out. It creates a sense of unity and maturity that was really cool to   see…It was amazing thing  to watch.”

Coming from the Cole pep rallies, it was truly stunning to see all the enthusiasm and interaction from everyone in the school. ̈It was a way for us to become more comfortable and familiar with the high school. It was a good way for us to get involved and show us that it is fun to be involved, ̈ said Bridget Mason.     

Despite most of the 2020 class having the perspective that our whole grade was excited   by spirit week, some disagreed. Anita Milsom stated,  ̈I felt like the grade was pretty split, half   of us were really into it, the other half thought of it as a joke. ̈

Either way, every freshman is thrilled to have the next three years to make spirit week as great as they can.

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