Sincerely, Faith Basler: A EGHS Senior Story

Four years ago, Faith Basler entered the halls of East Greenwich High School with one thing on her mind; making friends. 

“I had come from OLM (Our Lady of Mercy) and I was very nervous my freshman year because I didn’t really know that many people here,” said Faith, “But the people you meet through classes or sports or clubs, really anyone, is a friend here.” 

Photos Faith has taken at Letters for Rose club meetings.

Faith took full advantage of the EGHS’s many clubs, school events, and sports teams. From competing on the tennis court to cheering at football games, Faith made memories to last a lifetime. She even started her own club: Letters for Rose. 

Faith started the East Greenwich chapter of Letters for Rose her sophomore year with her friends Ali Land, Meghan Pagliaro, Alessandra Ottiano, and Riley Gopalakrishnan. At meetings, club members come together to write letters for people at nursing homes. 

Faith’s motivation to start Letters for Rose came from her grandfather. She had written letters to him after he entered a nursing home himself. He cherished the letters she gave to him.  She realized a school club dedicated to writing similar letters could have a large impact on nursing home residents like him. 

Through countless writing workshops and cookies baked for club members, Letters for Rose has succeeded in sending over 100 letters to St. Elizabeth’s Nursing Home. Faith already found the process rewarding, but she recently has seen the tangible impact of her work. 

“This year we’ve actually gotten pictures of the residents we sent the letters to,” said Faith, “It makes me feel so happy to see the impact it makes on their lives.” 

When Faith isn’t giving back to the community, she’s leading the girl’s basketball team. As a captain this year, she hopes to guide the team to a divisional championship. She enjoys being a welcoming leader for all team members. 

Faith is inspired to maintain a compassionate attitude from Mrs. Munzert, EGHS’s ceramics teacher. She feels Munzert is a strong support and role model for students. 

“I think she is such a light in this school,” said Faith.”So many student’s look at her as a safe space.” 

Looking towards college Faith hopes to study health sciences to pursue a career as a Physician’s Assistant. She feels passionate about helping people with their physical health. She knows that a career path focused on helping people is right for her. 

Morgan Walsh

Morgan is currently a Sophomore, graduating in 2023. Her favorite book is Out of the Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis. She loves writing about club events at school; discovering and showing others the passions that many students at EGHS have for the things they do makes for a very feel-good article. Morgan also loves writing local stories about learning more about/ advocating for the environment and ways to protect it.