Say vs. Feel

By Baya Ginsburg

b.ginsburg   ur the cutest

10m Reply

I wish my nose was that straight.

WARNING: This app uses photoshop.

b.ginsburg   that outfit is so cool

12m Reply

Why can’t I have clothes like that?

WARNING: This app won’t show feelings.

b.ginsburg   where are you it looks so pretty!!

18m Reply

I can’t be there right now.

WARNING: This app only shows the best of people.

b.ginsburg   you look amazing

51m Reply

My chest isn’t that big…

WARNING: This app won’t show their insecurities.

b.ginsburg   you all look so good

3m Reply

She has so many friends, I can never have that.

WARNING: This app won’t reveal their fights.

b.ginsburg   your house is so cool

24m Reply

My family can’t afford a place like that.


b.ginsburg   I am not as popular, as pretty, or as rich, but that is okay. I am perfect how I am.