Resolution Status?

Now that we’re more than a full month into 2018, is your New Year’s Resolution still holding true? Props to you if it is, and if it’s not, what are you doing to achieve your goals? Here are some EGHS students’ resolutions. Ask them how they’re doing if you see them.


Caleb Gupta: When asked what his New Years Resolutions were for 2018, Caleb knew exactly what was on his mind. “Ball harder,” he exclaimed. You sure will, buddy.

Sammy: In light of recent lessons on the importance of sleep, Sammy wasted no time in divulging his New Year’s resolution, to sleep earlier.

Laina Arsenault: Upon being questioned, Laina (despite Mother Nature’s recently ornery nature) decided that she would try to go outside more.

Anonymous: This person, who requested to remain anonymous, made public his desire to (you guessed it, remain organized. Specifically, his woes lie in the disorganized nature of his backpack.

Ted Ladas: At first, Mr. Ladas remained confident. “I don’t have any resolutions, I’m awesome,” he boasted. Under some scrutiny, he cracked. Ted instead resolved to “care about school.” Fitting.

Sean: Perhaps most intrepid of all, Sean desires to receive a CBYX scholarship to study abroad.

Eric Fang: Despite his obvious strength in this area, Eric Fang only wished for “increased academic attention,” and more progress with his schoolwork.

Ryan Harrington: Understandably, Ryan Harrington desires (the other) hardy perennial, to eat healthier. Here’s hoping that his resolution is not another “New Year’s pipe dream.”

Kat Buffum: Gazing into the future, Kat Buffum envisions and desires a new year much like its predecessor- albeit more hydrated.

Miguel: Miguel, friendly as always, commented that he only wished to “spend more time with friends,” and amendment to his original resolution of “spending more time outside.”

Ryan Carollo: Ryan had a most unique goal for the new year. The creation of a true animation is his wish, clearly a variance from the norm.

Mary Ingersoll: Mary simply stated that she had no new year’s resolution, citing that they were “pointless.”

Zing Gee: “In 2018 I’ll be keeping a journal. I’ve wanted to start it for a while but never got around to it, but it’s going well so far. Ben Franklin and countless other cool people kept a journal so therefore it has to be cool.” UPDATE: The journal is on hiatus but will be back. I’ve found you can’t always force yourself to write each day, though that may be a good way to make sure you get it done. It may be more genuine to write as the result of an event or thought rather than writing for the sake of writing an entry. You definitely need to set aside time to do it.

Jack Maybaum: “To be a better student in the EGHS community,” was Jack Maybaum’s idiosyncratic way of wording the hardy perennial: getting better marks.

David Amirsadri: David, perhaps the most grudging of all subjects, desires to improve memory. Regardless, both the reader and he knows that it is a pipe dream.

Michael Sack: Mike’s goal is to dunk by next year and also to make his bed everyday. (Editor’s note: see this video for a great speech on how to chance the world by making your bed.)

Matthew: Despite denying the request for a picture, Matthew described (with great vigor) his desire to watch “Critical Role,” a dungeons and dragons livestream each Thursday night.

Brant Wei: The hardy perennial is in full bloom in the world of Brant Wei’s resolutions; he desires only to improve his grades.

Molly Morvillo: Molly, in a pleasant mood in this new year, said “To live a happy, healthy life. To give back more and make other people happier.”