Rapid Fire with Mr. Perrin

By: Emily Clarke

As a Sophomore World Civ. teacher, Mr. Perrin has been educating students and destroying friendships in the WW1 debate for quite some time now. Whether you’ve already had Mr. Perrin but are interested in his outside life, or want to score some in-class brownie points for knowing his interests, here are some facts that you may not have known about Mr. Perrin.

What is your favorite activity?


What is your greatest accomplishment?

In terms of activities, it’s a cycling accomplishment. My first solo 100 mile ride, averaging 20 miles an hour for 5 hours

What is your most used app?

Strava, a little bit of twitter

What is your favorite restaurant?

Matunuck Oyster Bar

What’s your favorite food?


What is your favorite color?


What is your favorite movie?


What is your biggest pet peeve?

Drivers who don’t yield

What’s a random fact about you?

When I was a child I had a pet crow

If someone made a biopic about you, who would you cast to play yourself?

Larry David

What’s your favorite TV show?

Somebody Feed Phil

Who is someone you admire?

I have far too many to pick one, but when I think about the traits of the someone I admire, they must have courage

What would you be if you weren’t a teacher?

I would be a cycling park ranger for the national park service/travel writer