Rapid Fire with Mr. Heath

What is your name?

Jeffrey Heath

Favorite way to spend time?

I like to be active… playing sports (boxing and tennis are my favorites), taking my baby, Jaden, to a variety of places, walking my dog, Jax, hiking, bouldering, cycling, and working out at the gym. I also like to relax from time to time… reading, playing guitar and hanging out on the couch playing PS4 and watching TV are some of my “Go-to” hobbies when I’m feeling lazy.

Proudest accomplishment?

Getting to the final stage of my Doctoral work… I’m almost done! I just have to finish writing my dissertation paper!

You’d like to be remembered for:

Being relatable, understanding, and having a genuine interest in the well-being and successes of others.

Top on your bucket list:

1) Scuba Dive the Great Barrier Reef

2) Climb to Base Camp 1 on Mt. Everest

Most used app:


You’re listening to:

The Weeknd or Sam Hunt

Last movie watched:

The Lion King (my son loves it).

Favorite TV show:

I like all of the sports channels… but TV show… I guess Before the 90 Days on TLC (…wow, now that I’ve typed it, that’s kind of embarrassing).

Favorite food:

Pretty much anything unhealthy… I LOVE candy, soda, pizza, and french fries… but I do try to avoid this stuff for the sake of health (sometimes you have to give in though!).

Most admired trait:

Honesty and loyalty… particularly during difficult times.

Pet peeve:

The words crisp, treat, and moist… Also, sneaky people.

Little known fact:

I am deathly afraid of mascots… no joke.

If you ruled the world…

Advocate for global equity so that everyone might have the resources they need. Oh yeah, and I also would demand a never-ending supply of coffee ice cream… that’s non-negotiable.

If you won the lottery…

Request that I remain anonymous, tell no one that I won, and hire a top-notch financial advisor.

Always in your fridge…


If you could have dinner and a conversation with anyone in the world you would choose:

Can we pick people who have died? If so Albert Einstein… If not… Ken Robinson (he’s an educational researcher)

What’s the best part of your day?

Playing with my baby, Jaden.

If Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would play you?

Matt Damon.

How do you ear your Oreos?

By the dozen? Does that count?

If you were stranded on a desert island, what three people would you bring with you?

1) Les Stroud (Survivorman… so he can help me, well… survive)

2) My wife Erica (although I might live to regret that!)

3) My brother, Matt (because he knows me better than anyone else)




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