Rapid Fire with Mr. Boie


What is Your Name

Mr. Chris Boie


Favorite Way to Spend Time

Running, traveling to new locations and exploring other cities/towns, new cuisine locally, mowing my lawn.


Proudest Accomplishment

I am very proud to have been on SLTP (The Student Leadership Training Program….visit www.sltp.info for information) volunteering my time for the past 18 years helping teenagers reach beyond the classroom and finding out more about themselves.  I love volunteering and making a difference.


I am very proud in a selfish way to have completed one marathon and 7 half-marathons, and wish to do another full again in 2016.


I’d Like to be Remembered For

Making a positive significant difference in the lives I get to meet and be the best best friend to my wife for as long as I can.


Top on My Bucket List

Visit Alaska, and Yosemite, Yellowstone National Parks.


Most Used App



I am Listening to

Ben Folds Five, Ingrid Michaelson, OK Go, P!nk, and never far from Queen in my playlists.


Last Movie Watched



Favorite TV Show

The Walking Dead


Favorite Food

Things that absorb syrup. Not picky which version.


Trait I Most Admire



Pet Peeve

Tardiness. If you are expected to be somewhere, be on time. It disrespects the person on the other end. Yes, there are legit reasons for being late, but really, most times it is poor planning on the tardy person’s end.


Little Known Fact About Me

Fact?  Only one???  There are several, but you only asked for one.  Ok, I will inform you that when I was a teenager, I caught a fish (White Perch) that would have qualified for the RI State record, but let it go because I like to support Catch and Release… and the fact that I caught it illegally in the Scituate Reservoir might have had something to do with it too.


If I Ruled the World

Try to truly enable World Peace.


If I Won The Lottery

Support SLTP financially.


Always In my Fridge

Condiments. I like options for toppings.


If I Could Have Dinner and a Conversation with Anyone in the World I would Choose

Best table I can think of. Jon Stewart, Steve Carrell, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Stephen Colbert, and the ghost of George Carlin.


What’s The Best Part of Your Day

Living in the present, I think the moment I am in. If that is in EGHS, or at home, then it is there. Live in the proper tense: The Present.


If Hollywood Made a Movie About Your Life, Which Actor/Actress Would Play You

I have been told at various stages of my life I look like Michael J Fox, Ralph Macchio, that kid who was Neil Patrick Harris’ best friend in Doogie Howser MD, or Keanu Reeves. You decide.


How Do You Eat Your Oreos

Dunk them on a toothpick submerged in milk until they are just soft enough to sink but not disintegrate.  It really is too complex to tell you, but I will show you any time. Just bring me cookies and skim milk and I will demonstrate.


If You Were Stranded on a Deserted Island, Which Three People Would You Want to Be With You

My wife, A really good engineer, a marathon runner (they are always in shape).

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