Rapid Fire: Matt Plympton


Matt Plympton


Favorite Way To Spend My Time

Playing basketball with my brothers


Proudest Accomplishment

Winning the Rhode Island Basketball State Championship at Cole Middle School.


I’d Like To Be Remembered For

Always being there for the people I care about.


Top On My Bucket Lists

Courtside at a Celtics game.


I Am Listening To

All Star by Smash Mouth


Last Movie I Watched

Stepbrothers, for the 15th time.


Favorite TV Show



Favorite Food

Buffique Pizza


Pet Peeve

People taking big loud gulps of their drinks.


Little Known Fact About Me

I used to own two pet rats.


If I Ruled The World I Would

Annex every single other country into the United States of America.


If I Won The Lottery I Would

Buy my own private island.


Always In My Fridge



If I Could Have Dinner With Anyone

Isaiah Thomas


If Hollywood Made A Movie About Your Life Who Would Play You

Hugh Jackman


How Do You Eat Your Oreos

I put a fork through the cream, and dip them in a glass of milk.

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