Radiologist: A Job Profile

By: Alana Modi

Imagine having the opportunity to come to work every day and examine various medical images, taken by complex machines, never even imagined of in the past. Radiologists have the job of the future, taking the latest imaging technology to help diagnose and treat patients with illnesses that are impossible to uncover from the outside. This futuristic job never existed years ago and now it is hard for the medical department to function without it. Radiologists are able to understand an alternate language, one learned through years of educational training. A radiologist is a medical architect, using the composition of the body to uncover mysteries and possibly rebuild a human. This job has so much significance, changing the lives of so many and increasing the life expectancy of the entire population. Look through the lens of medicine and discover the truth behind this career. 

High school has come to a close and now the future awaits. An aspiring radiologist attends 4 years of graduate school, 4 years of medical school, 4 years of residency, and a year training for their specialty. Devoting 13 years of your life, almost the equivalent to mandatory schooling, is on this future radiologist’s agenda, an agenda that will never be empty. Long hours, a pause on social life at times, and complete burnout will be prevalent on the journey, but throughout it it is the end result that should shine through, the lives that are going to be saved because of the time they took to learn. Learning is always going to appear in whatever you do, but diverting your learning to something you are passionate about will ensure that you are able to soak up everything that is offered. 

A radiologists job is completely rewarding in the long run, but these people are typically compensated greatly for their life saving work. Many radiologists get paid $470,000 a year, a number that is greater than the pay of the President of the United States, but like the President, the people who go through extensive years of school to get to the end don’t typically go on the journey for the money. These people are passionate about medicine and like the President, do their job to change the lives of people. Radiologists have a completely different perspective on life, able to see life through a critical lens, but this is a life saving lens that will ensure prosperity. 

The job of a doctor may be sought by many for its money, but looking at the hardships that accommodate the job is even more important. Heartbreak revolves around the career, with some doctors having to deal with the loss of their patients, and breaking this devastating news to the families. This job includes success and opportunity as well, with these people being human detectives, able to solve any medical mystery by doing check-ups and examining symptoms. Look past the skin and take a chance to see how the body really operates. The body is incredible with different systems relying on one another to survive and doctors are there to ensure that every part of the body is able to operate. Radiologists are the future of medicine and exploring this field is extremely important.

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