Public Opinion of Valentine’s Day

By: Dorothea Bianco

As we enter the chilly month of February, Valentine’s Day inches closer. Soon, chocolates, candy hearts, and stuffed animals will be bought and received while cupid shoots his arrows. East Greenwich High School also participates in these festivities with a fun questionnaire called Matchomatics, a survey that pairs students with similar interests together. With fun activities and love in the air, I was interested in investigating exactly what high schoolers think about Valentine’s day. To say the least, the responses I received were surprising. My peers have many different ideas of what this holiday means to them. Below, I have included a few of my favorites quotes: 

“ I think it’s adorable! I love anything that celebrates love!”

“It’s a sweet tradition, but people should celebrate all types of love like friendship and family.”

“It makes me feel #lonely”

“I think that seeing people enjoy Valentine’s day is better than actually having a Valentine.”

“It’s only good if your not single, other than that you’re stuck in your bed watching sappy rom coms.”

“I think it’s a widely overrated holiday.” 

“It’s overhyped but really cute if it is spent in the right way.”

“The point of Valentines has changed from being about love to being an over-commercialized holiday” 

So there you have it, a highschooler’s point of view on a controversial holiday! Whether you love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day seems to be here to stay. So grab yourself some chocolates and let the special people in your life know they’re loved.