Poetry Bandits

By: Jessica Caterson

“To be, or not to be–that is the question.” One of the most famous and popular lines of poetry ever written. When asked about poetry, most people think of using “thou” instead of “you,” “hath” instead of “have,” “doth” instead of “do,” and, of course, rhyming of some sort or another. Contrary to popular belief, however, not all poetry sounds like this. Over the past week, you may have noticed short lines and stanzas plastered around the school, all of which are examples of poetry. “Poetry Bandits,” an activity done by Mr. Brocato’s freshman English class, is a way to expose the EGHS community to the beautiful art form of poetry, and to show its numerous forms and purposes. Whether on a desk, in a bathroom stall, or lining the walls, the works of this year’s freshmen made poetry a part of every student’s life.


The poetry used can either be an original or from a known poet. This year, the poems have covered a variety of topics, from beauty and courage to happiness and life advice.


While some people have grown annoyed with the constant bombardment of poetry, I’ve found that the poetry’s  presence around the school keeps things interesting and brings awareness to the delicacy that is a poem.


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