Personal and Professional Views: An Interview with Dr. Heath

By Sofia Bianco

Dr. Heath, the vice principal of our school, has many different interesting aspects that make him a great person and great asset to EGHS. If you did not know, Dr. Heath recently had a baby, an experience he described as “the best thing and the worst thing at the same time”. Although she keeps him up until 3 in the morning, it was overall worth it, and he concludes it was a life moment that is indescribable.

Like anything, it is difficult to balance a baby and your work at school. When I asked Dr. Heath how he did this, he had a very riveting response. He said he read a book titled “A Guide For Vice Principals, and it said that there will never be a perfect 50 50 balance of personal life and work life. With this, he feels huge guilt because he tries his hardest to get to every sports game, concert, and special event that the students of EGHS are involved in, but he can’t always achieve this. Although he feels badly, Dr. Heath knows that it is not realistic for him to have that perfect balance. Overall, he tries his best to give more personally and professionally.

Many students may not know this, but Dr. Heath does so many things to interact with the students here at EGHS! Dr. Heath made it clear that he hated the vice principals he had growing up and he never thought he would be one. But, because he hated middle school and high school as much as he did, Dr. Heath loves being a person students can reason and rationalize with because he did not have that growing up. He said, “Since I never had a good vice principal, I wanted to do the job differently and more effectively.” He especially likes his position because unlike a principal, he doesn’t get 100% paperwork. Instead, he gets about 65% paperwork, leaving him time to interact with students and teachers, go into classrooms and see how everything is working. This 35% is his favorite part of his job.

Now, most of you may not know this, but Dr. Heath was a phys ed and health professor at URI and a phys ed teacher at Tiverton middle school before he came to EGHS. Dr. Heath had wanted to be a professor for all of his life, and he says that he got there in life quicker than he thought, some of which he attributes to luck, but also hard work. Yet, there was something that the professor life was lacking for him. He said that finding conversations with professors was very hard because most of the professors there were older than him. Here, he can interact with any teacher on a personal or professional level and he says that it is one of the best things about EGHS. Dr. Heath is someone who we are very lucky to have as a part of the EGHS district. Make sure you say “hi” to him in the hallway with a smile on your face and appreciate everything he does!