3 Tips For the Perfect Promposal

By Sydney Souness

It’s that time of the year again. No, not the time when Seniors are finally realizing they no longer need to try in school. I’m talking about Prom season, and along with it comes the promposals. The great promposal, causing high schoolers stress since 2001. But have no fear, reader, the Spectrum has got some advice to help you. Now that it’s the beginning of April and the Prom Dress Facebook group is well underway, I’d like to take the time to advise those planning their promposals to keep these things in mind.

1.Do not, under any circumstances, make the person feel uncomfortable.

The worst possible thing you can do is make the person scared or nervous with an extravagant proposal. People are already stressed out about sports and school, and being uncomfortable or even scared before they agree to go to prom with someone is the last thing anyone needs. It seems creative until the person feels obligated to say yes out of pure discomfort or even fear. Pitch your ideas to your friends and see what they think, and if they totally disagree with you, don’t try to reason with them. They are probably right.

2.Girls. Like. Flowers.

Guys. Flowers are always nice, and girls will appreciate them, especially if it’s her favorite flower. A simple bouquet of daisies and a cute sign is all you really need because girls love the small, sentimental things. It’s easy to make a big deal out of the promposal, and don’t get me wrong, being surprised with gifts and a lavish sign is always really cute, but flowers are, really, a girl’s best friend. There’s plenty of places from the local florist to Stop and Shop that sell them, and wherever you purchase them, she’ll definitely appreciate them.

3.If you have a dog, utilize it.

It’s no secret that dogs make the world five times better with their never-ending energy and caring hearts. So, it is only obvious that asking your date with a note tied to your dog’s collar would be the greatest thing to ever happen. Not only will she fall in love with your dog, but the chances of her saying yes will also increase in your favor. Whether it’s a Bernese Mountain dog or miniature Bulldog, the promposal will make your date’s day that much better.



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