One Question, Ten Answers

By Ella Ditraglia and Sara Gomez

You’ve seen it on The Tonight Show, but now get ready for East Greenwich High School’s very own version. In this new segment, two reporters go around during advisory to interview students. The interview consists of one question only. This week, the question was as follows: “What was the worst part of your freshman year?” The two interviewers got a variety of answers. After all, no one was perfect as a freshman.

The transition from Cole is not an easy change, the high school forcing more work and harder classes on its students. This increase in required effort proves difficult for many. One particular student is Allie Fay, who commented on the workload saying, “Homework is the worst part. It is really time consuming and I have a lot of other activities. Also it is a huge difference from the type of work we had at Cole, so I needed to get used to the change.” This work increase follows students throughout their high school career. When asked about her freshman year, senior Catherine Wood said that all of the work during ninth grade was the worst part. Of course some students get used to that change. For others, time management is not their friend and procrastination is always by their side. For Jillian Lake, this is most definitely the case, “The school work in general. I have an issue with procrastination and juggling my after school activities with my school work. I don’t have very good time management.” And of course, work comes with deadlines that must be met, making procrastination an issue to be solved. In the words of Geoffrey Dubay, time crunches are the worst part of freshman year.

With a new school comes new types of assignments. The ten-question worksheets are replaced by presentations worth half your grade and the classes you could sleep through become those which you must pay meticulous attention. Any student who has passed through English 117 with Mr Brocato knows of the illustrious slam poem. The two minute presentation that you devote twenty hours to, pouring your heart and soul into each stanza. Loved and dreaded by all, the poem is a large portion of your grade and the stress definitely gets to the best of us. Both Chloe Euston and Emily Golding commented on the slam poem project, regarding it as the worst part of freshman year. Colin Fain, a current freshman also shared his opinion. “I don’t like going up in front of the class at all. I get kind of nervous when I have to speak in front of the class.” He said what lots of freshman were thinking when sitting in their seats waiting to deliver their poem.

For others, their stress comes from different sources. For Corey Szabo, midterms were the cause of his nervousness, as he said “Midterms. They were very stressful and I didn’t feel prepared,” when asked what his worse part of freshman year was. Others had issues with specific classes and their teachers. As for Anna DeCesare, robotics was her worst class and she commented on the period, saying, “I really was not interested in the topic and I didn’t do much in the class. Sometimes it felt more like a free period.” It definitely takes time to adjust to new testing styles, and it’s a lot to take in when you are also adjusting to new teaching styles.

Even with the hardships of the year, ninth grade proves to be a great introduction to the high school. A class you might hate will only last an hour and your least favorite teacher will be replaced as the years go on. Students learn how to manage their time and their work. They leave the ideas of Cole behind and begin to mold to the style of the high school. A new environment brings new experiences and some have decided to see the positivity in the change. The year brings many opportunities and chances to grow. Freshman year helps mold you and point you down a path that you will continue on throughout your life. In the words of Emily Russell, has chosen to look on the bright side, “Freshman year was great.”

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