One Jar at a Time

By Maddie Curnow

Tonight, one of six children in Rhode Island will have to wonder when they will get their next meal. Forget about which outfit to boast or what shoes to wear, the only thing on these children’s minds is “When will I be able to eat next?”. The harsh reality of such a statistic can seem unimaginable, but poverty has a strong presence in our state. Struggles for proper nourishment play out day after day with what seems like no end to the one in six children.

With the determination and action from the school community, we can help to combat the hunger too many experience. Through a statewide initiative led at our high school by Bryn Shunney, The Peanut Butter Drive aims to better the lives of so many. East Greenwich High School is participating with other towns across Rhode Island to end hunger, one jar of peanut butter at a time.

It is as simple as bringing in one jar of peanut butter. For every jar you bring in, you are helping make 16 sandwiches for those who need it most. Doing your part to help those in your community takes almost no effort. By simply bringing in a jar of peanut butter, you are helping hungry stomachs to find a moment of fulfillment. Make a quick stop to the grocery store and pick up an extra jar or two and drop it off by the front office to do your part to help the community. Helping to end hunger in Rhode Island has never been easier.

Not only will you feel good after donating, but your contribution also enters you into a raffle. For every jar brought in for the drive, you earn one raffle ticket. Raffles are conducted weekly, so make sure to bring as many jars as possible to better your chance at winning. To make sure your jar counts for an entry to the raffle, be sure to label each container with your name and homeroom number before dropping it off.

With the help of the East Greenwich High School community, The Peanut Butter Drive is hoping to exceed last year’s donation total of 2,167 jars of peanut butter. Should that value be exceeded, it would mean over 34,600 sandwiches would reach families that are in need of food.  

There is not a lot of time left to bring in donations, as the drive will stop accepting donations April 9th. Do your best to bring in a jar of peanut butter, guaranteeing sixteen meals for people in need. With only a little bit of time left, we want to do our best to help the Peanut Butter Drive exceed last year’s totals.

Once you have handed in your peanut butter jars and the 9th of April has come and gone, there are more things you can do to help the one in six children who will feel the ache of hunger tonight. The Rhode Island Food Bank accepts monetary donations and food donations. They also provide a comprehensive guide to running a food drive, so if that seems of interest to you, you can find more at The Peanut Butter Drive may stop on April 9th, but the hunger that victimizes these young children will not. They need your help, so make sure to do your best to get donations in to support the Peanut Butter Drive before the deadline and do not let this problem slip from your mind when the school fundraiser ends.

The difference between a full stomach or agonizing hunger is you. With a jar of peanut butter, you can do your part to feed people in Rhode Island who need your help. If you have any more questions about The Peanut Butter Drive, be sure to contact Bryn Shunney for more information.

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