Of Walkouts and Grassroots Organizations


17 Protestors. 17 Minutes. 17 Lives.

By: David Amirsadri

Regardless of whether or not our ideological perspectives line up, I can always admire person’s positive attitude, especially when it is unwavering in the face of adversity.

Likewise, regardless of whether I agree with a movement, I value pluck, courage, and a can-do spirit. I can appreciate humility and intelligence.  

Frankly, I did not know if the event I was asked to observe would display any of these traits. I had absolutely no idea what to expect.  

Rushing from my advisory to the lobby, near where the walkout was held, I wondered what I would greet me upon arrival. Would I see a berserk mob, chanting loudly and toting signs? Would I see a peaceful demonstration, involving a group of young people with a disdain for the current situation? I expected the latter, and was not disappointed in the least. The walkout, as anyone could tell under close observation, was an event more than the sum of its parts. At face value, it simply consisted of a group of students, gathered in a circle, honoring the victims of the Parkland shooting. For 17 minutes, they stood in serene silence. What never ceases to fascinate me about such events is their potency. And no matter how you feel about the debate at hand, this is something to be admired. I questioned participants after the fact, curious as to what I might hear. The event conducted in memory of the victims of Parkland, and to promote common sense gun regulation (namely a ban on concealed-carry in schools, limiting the amount of cartridges in magazines, and a red-flag law).

One of the organizers, Miguel, also commented that he wished that people would take a stand on the issue at hand, wherever one might fall, rather than being apathetic.

One wonders if politicians would be able to pass such legislation if they listened to the concerns of the people, as opposed to the concerns of lobbyists.

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