New Year’s Resolution Tips

By Grace Clark and Mara Oancea

While 2020 was a very hard year, we can only go up from here. The best way to ensure 2021’s success is to not only have good resolutions but to also follow through with them.

Here are some tips and tricks to achieve your goals in the new year.

  1. Make your resolutions realistic and specific 

Make sure that your goals are actually achievable, especially if you have a very busy schedule. For example, don’t try to just say I am going to “lose weight”- aim to lose specifically 10 pounds. Along with that, replace the resolution “become a better person” with “volunteer more” or such.

  1. Create a detailed plan or schedule 

Rather than waiting until the very last minute, take the time and think hard about what you want to achieve this year. In order to succeed you will need to know the steps you are going to take, the reason you want to do this, and how you are going to stay on track. If you were to not make a detailed plan you may come across obstacles and quit instead of continuing. By knowing exactly what you want to do and know some obstacles you may come across, you will be better prepared and be able to overcome any sidetracks that come your way.

  1. Start with small steps 

To ensure that you will not forget/give up early on with your goal, take time to slowly work your way up. By taking up too many things at once you will be more likely to quit. By starting off with an intense goal like a very restrictive diet or by overdoing it at the gym you will become too overwhelmed. By focusing on a smaller goal you will be able to end the year you will accomplish your larger goal. 

  1. Get support from friends   

It is a well known fact that one is more likely to do something if they tell their friends that they will due to social pressure. By having a solid support system you will become more motivated and accountable, it also makes it more fun. If you and your friends have a common goal, work together to achieve for more support ie. going to the gym together, dieting together.

  1. Learn from your failures 

Failing is one of the main reasons resolutions fail. If in past years you have massively failed to follow through with your goals, try to aim for a smaller goal or to go about it in a different way. The path towards a goal is never a straight path, you will always come across difficult challenges along the way. Do not view your mistakes as failures rather view them as learning opportunities. 

With this, we asked some of our peers for their resolutions to perhaps give you readers some ideas: 

“Lose 10 pounds by the end of 2021.” – Grace Clark

“Bike up Mt. Washington.” – Mr. Perrin

“Go to the gym and gain more muscle.” – Diego Gomez

“Be more positive.” – Jack Simspon

“Spend more time with my family.” – Jillian Tracey

“Become more social.” – Lily Stark

“Study more and do better in school.” – Grace Casey

“Handle my money better and become more organized.” – Mara Oancea

“Get out of my bed more.” – Neala Bijari

2020 definitely brought a lot of struggle, but following these tips can result in a great 2021. Think of your resolutions and Happy New Year!

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