Necessities Drive

By Gigi Giuliano

Student Council hosted  a Necessities Drive with the EG Kindness Project that accepted donations from December 7th to December 18th. Students and members of the East Greenwich community were asked to bring in items such as: socks, mittens, hats, shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, travel size items, toothbrushes and toothpaste. These items were brought to Crossroads Homeless Shelter in Providence. When I talked to the chairs of the Kindness Project to get their input on the success of the drive, they reflected on collaboration with the Student Council, and their mission for their club. The EG Kindness Project was started this year by three freshmen; Delaney Sullivan, Alana Modi, and Brianna Hartman. Delaney explained that, “The EG Kindness Project is a continuation of the Random Acts of Kindness club we had at Cole.” She went on to say that the mission of their club is to “create a group of people coming together just to inspire people to be a little kinder.” That includes many kinds of community outreach activities such as, “making cards, holding drives, etc.” 

This club chose to hold a drive benefiting Crossroads to help those negatively affected by Covid-19. As Brianna said, “We’ve seen the devastating impacts that Covid-19 has had on people all around the world, specifically in our community. So, we wanted to support them in any way we could. Providing them with the necesites to live could really help them.” Both Delaney and Brianna agreed that the drive was ultimately successful. They were able to collect 9 full boxes of donations. Brianna attributed their success to “the motivation and passion to help others” throughout the East Greenwich community. 

The girls expressed how successful the coordination with the Student Council was for this drive. Delaney said, “The whole club was supportive and helpful in different ways. They helped by making posters, getting the word out by mouth, social media, and other electronic platforms and were able to contribute resources and knowledge that we as a new club just don’t have yet.” While this club may be new, they are in no way lacking motivation. Their dedication to help their community is wonderful, and I think we can expect to see great things out of the EG Kindness project in the coming years. 

Gabriella Guiliano

Gigi is currently a junior, graduating in 2022. Her favorite book is Pride and Prejudice and her favorite topics to write about are school events and initiatives because she enjoy learning more about what is going on in the EGHS community while also being able to educate her peers!