My Temporary Bliss

By Baya Ginsburg

I pace and pace, avoiding my work

avoiding my problems, avoiding my life.

It’s climbing up, reaching, suffocating, overwhelming I –

I put my headphones in and it all melts away.

Vibrant, beating, confident, hypnotizing

it’s all a distraction from what’s waiting for me.

It fills my head, my heart, my lungs, my soul

leaving no room for doubt.

It may look like I’m walking

but I’m really floating, up on cloud nine.

Nine, I’ve been playing violin since nine,

I am the best in the world when I play.

Temporary bliss, I could be who I want to be.

In fact, I am what I want to be.

It might eventually come crashing down,

but I put headphones back in and

singing, smiling, uplifting joy.