Mulch and Mac Memorial Garden


By: Laura Murphy

The courtyard has seen its share of beauty lately: the exuberant faces of seniors as they sat for Ivy Day celebrations, the melodic harmonies of band students practicing between classes, even the tranquil solitude of underclassmen who have discovered a new place to read. But on top of all this, the courtyard itself has become more beautiful.

Thanks to Shawn Reynolds, Owner & Manager of Watson Mulch on South County Trail in East Greenwich, 5 yards of black bark mulch were donated and delivered to the courtyard in time to “freshen it up” for the latest spring events. Mrs. Mong, guidance secretary and Committee Chair of the Carrie Mac Memorial Garden, was extremely grateful for the donation, especially in context of the garden’s original purpose. Created in 2015 by Mrs. Agresti’s Beautify EGHS Club, the garden is dedicated to the late and beloved Carrie Maksymowicz, who lost a brave battle to cancer in 2012. Her name and legacy live on amongst the flowers and benches where students may go to enjoy nature and themselves, a place that Mrs. Mong hopes will only grow as a center for collaboration, involvement, and student interactions.

As students, teachers, and faculty watch spring melt into summer, the beauty of the courtyard–with the flowers, mulch, and decorations that commemorate a life and the lives it changed–will serve as a lasting reminder to all those who visit it, both of the kindness that caused its creation and the kindness it has yet to inspire.




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