Miss O’Day Rapid Fire


Christina O’Day


Favorite Way To Spend My Time

Reading in my PJs


Proudest Accomplishment

The adoption of my son


I’d Like To Be Remembered For

Celebrating our common humanity with people around the world and focusing on the connections


Top Of My Bucket List

Visiting the more remote areas of Hawaii


Most Used App



I Am Listening To

Sting music or Yo-Yo Ma and Chris Botti


Last Movie I Watched

La La Land


Favorite TV Show

Marco Polo


Favorite Food



Trait That I Admire Most



Pet Peeve

It drives me crazy when someone trying to get into the car lifts the outer handle at the same time that I unlock the door and it jams and I have to do it again. Or when people who are very proficient in Spanish tell me that they are fluent. GEEEZ.


Little Known Fact About Me

I have remodeled my backyard with a sun room, deck, stone work, 7 flowering trees, vegetable and flower gardens, and a deck. I have been told that I have one of the nicest back yards in the neighborhood.


If I Ruled The World I Would

Definitely ban guns and the production of guns


If I Won The Lottery

Carefully consider how to invest, spend and share the money with the help of a financial planner, and then buy one of the new, compact FIAT cars in which I would zip around town.


Always In My Fridge

A lemon


If I Could Have Dinner With Anyone

Donald Trump


What’s The Best Part Of Your Day?

Cuddling with my son and my dog


How Do You Eat Your Oreos

Too sweet for me!


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