Midterm Advice from The Spectrum Editors

Midterms. We shudder at the thought of them, cringe at the sight of them and rejoice at the end of them. After just returning from our break, I’m sure many of us are sitting in class daydreaming of those blissful days we spent wrapped in blankets, sipping hot-chocolate and binge-watching whatever show it is you’re into right now. However with only a few short weeks before exams, The Spectrum staff has decided to compile a few of our top tips for surviving Midterms:

Take a Deep Breath – It’s high stress time for all of us. With a million other things going on, it seems like Midterms are bound to push us over the edge, but I promise that if you take a minute to slow down and take a deep breath you’ll be just fine.

Start Studying – I know, this is the last thing anyone wants to do right about now. However, this is quite important. Your midterm is worth 5% of your final grade so it’s definitely worth it to invest some time in a little studying. It doesn’t have to be horrible either – grab a group of friends and head to Panera for an hour or two to review some verb conjugations or math problems. I highly recommend the M&M cookies.

Talk To Your Teachers – Your teachers are there to help you. Many hand out outlines and study guides to help you prepare. (Mrs. Shaw’s review sessions go above and beyond so you’re lucky to have her.) All of this is great but means nothing if you don’t understand what is actually on those study guides. Take the time to talk to your teachers about areas where you have questions and if they don’t give you a study guide, advocate for yourself and ask for some suggestions to help you study.

Get Some Rest – Use those early dismissals to your advantage. During exam week, go take a break for an hour after your exams and then utilize those extra hours you’ve been given. Get  a head start on studying for your next exams so that you can be finished by dinner time and go to bed at a reasonable hour (preferably before midnight).

Treat Yourself – It’s stressful, but it’s only one week. Make sure to find some time to make some cookies or watch some TV or something. Let yourself chill out at the end of the week and embrace the fact that Midterms mean you’re halfway through the year.


We hope that you find this article helpful and our staff wishes you the best of luck during this upcoming exam week. If you need a quick pep talk or a just a solid high-five, feel free to find us wandering the halls in between exams.


Until Finals,

The Spectrum Editors

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