Main Street Coffee – Recipe for a Delightful Afternoon

by Tasha Sussman-Moss


Main Street used to be cluttered, dirty and full of pretentious, overpriced restaurants and venues. But now, thanks to some unique stores and cozy coffee shops, Main Street is once again the perfect place for a stroll.  Small, family-owned businesses line the bustling street. There are a few small food boutiques that I have grown quite fond of, including Silver Spoon Bakery and The Nook. However, if you’re looking for a pastry or coffee on a cold, winter’s day, drop by Main Street Coffee – you won’t be disappointed.

From the moment you walk through the small wooden door, warmth envelops you. It’s  like dropping into your neighbor’s house for a hot drink and a chat. There are two seating areas and a bar for those who need more stimulation than just coffee. What makes the building so special is the hide-away in the back reached by stairs. Rugs scatter the hardwood floor and every wall seems to have its own comfy leather couch to snuggle in. There are small coffee tables, so there’s no chance of spilling your drink, and a fire crackling in the fireplace to keep you warm if the hot chocolate doesn’t do the trick. The choice of music also hits just the right note. During my visit, I enjoyed a mix of Beatles songs and classic 90s that made me unreasonably happy. I was hooked!

The food selection matched the atmosphere. There was a large assortment of different cakes, pastries and drinks. Unfortunately, they only served food off of the lunch menu before three pm, so my friend and I gorged ourselves on the scrumptious looking pastries (not a problem). After much debate, we finally decided to share a hot chocolate, a slice of cheesecake and a piece of tiramisu. The hot chocolate was bitter, yet smooth and sweet. However, we were not as pleased with the cheesecake. When we took our first bite of this cheesecake, our mouths were immediately ransacked by an overwhelming coating of sugar – I was sure that it was going to cause instant tooth decay. In addition, it hosted layers of unnecessary, sugary chocolate and caramel which overpowered what should have been a smooth, velvety cheesecake but what was instead a war in my mouth. With that being said, they immediately won back brownie points when I tasted my next treat. A dusting of cocoa powder and chopped walnuts sprinkled the top of a delightful hunk of tiramisu. The layers lingered on my tongue for a moment when I took a bite. I didn’t go halfsies with this one, and almost ate it all before my friend wrestled the fork out of my hand so she could have a try as well. Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed this cake.

When I payed for the delicious food I was surprised out how expensive it was – definitely overpriced for my teen budget. However, the serving sizes were generous, and we ended up taking home a doggy bag (author’s note: I have no dog). Therefore, despite the cloying cheesecake, I would give Main Street Coffee four forks, as I definitely got both my money’s and my stomach’s worth and the soothing environment made up for the spike in my sugar levels.

So next time you are looking for somewhere to chat and relax with a friend, pause in between gossip to listen to some great music and satisfy your sweet tooth, you should stop by Main Street Coffee. Oh! and don’t forget to head up the back stairs. I’ll be the one curled up on the couch with a good book and a hot chocolate close to hand.

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