Love, Simon

By: Gwen Pearson

Do I deserve love? Does he deserve love? Do we deserve love? Love can be a tricky thing. No one really knows what it is, but humans have to describe a feeling that is indescribable. Perhaps in this way we make it more tangible, more obtainable to everyone so we can ignore the doubts and questions that inconvenience us with their presence. In the movie Love, Simon, Simon Spier navigates these inconvenient questions in the inconvenient world of love with an inconvenient secret: he’s gay. I’ve never really understood why that is such a momentous problem in society. Simon touches on this throughout the movie– why labels are so important to those of us who feel blank without words to define us.


Love, Simon is a fantastic movie not only because a boy’s sexuality is accepted, but also because of the raw love narrative it follows. Honestly, for most of the movie I forgot Simon was gay at all. Which sounds strange, I know, since the movie was incessantly advertised with that three-letter-word. But I became so wrapped up in his life and his friends and his heart that who he is attracted to didn’t even phase me. Although I do believe without the added Hollywood drama and the attractive celebrities it would be a bit more realistic, there are aspects that almost anyone can relate to. Katherine Langford, who plays Leah Burke, Simon’s best friend, says something about being at a party and feeling like you’re watching from the outside. I think that’s pretty brilliant. I think the director wanted it to be brilliant, which makes it a little less brilliant, but brilliant still.


In my opinion, the movie is one of those films that you watch and instantly fall in love with and rave about for the next week or so. And then it just kind of slips your mind, until you watch it again when it’s playing on some cable TV channel. But I think the fact that it is forgettable, that it doesn’t phase people or shock them, is a step in the right direction. That we root for the protagonist all the same, that we cry when he cries, and swoon when he finally kisses that one person. That we know he deserves love; that is the world progressing.

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