Josh Petteruti Reviews “The Last Jedi”


I want to preface this by saying I loved the movie- it’s Star Wars. Everyone loves Star Wars. It would take too much time for me to explain what I liked about it, and I probably wouldn’t do it justice anyway. So instead, here are the problems I had with it.

Too much of a good thing. That was how I felt walking out of the Showcase Cinemas Warwick on Saturday night.  My friends had me set on believing that Star Wars “The Last Jedi” was the last movie I’d ever need to see. They said the graphics were exceptional, and that the plot was exciting. Sure, the graphics were great. It’s almost 2018 for crying out loud, they better be. But I had a few issues with the plot.

  1. Admiral Holdo’s narrative made no sense. The purple haired suspected traitor was seemingly ready to jump off the ship and throw Poe into the abyss, until she wasn’t. The great plot twist was that she was doing Leia’s bidding all along, realizing the rebel’s defeat, and attempting to save as many rebels as she could. Which was great. So was her hyperspace suicide jump. But the directors wasted 40 minutes building up to a great treasonous confrontation all for Poe to just be knocked out by Leia herself, and for the same result to take place. Why couldn’t she have just told Poe the plan? Waste of time.
  2. Snoke’s death was irrelevant. Supreme Leader Snoke could have been an awesome principle character, IF they had spent more than 2 minutes detailing who he was. Half the audience barely knew the guy’s name by the time Kylo killed him. And the fact that Kylo was able to trick him so easily only served to weaken his character. He just looked like a rambling idiot with no backstory by the time they cut him down. Some insight would have been nice.
  3. Kylo was too indecisive. He killed the Supreme Leader and saved Rey’s life, only to assume the position of Supreme Leader and disregard Rey altogether. The directors took a cheap shortcut by having an explosion interrupt Rey and Kylo’s face to face confrontation, because there obviously would have been more of a story there. I understand they want to save the real confrontation for IX, but that was cheesy.
  4. Why was DJ in jail? He could have left whenever he felt like it.
  5. Finn should have died. Remember the first line in this post? “Too much of a good thing?” Well, that’s because there was really no loss heavy enough to balance all the victories the rebels had. And no, don’t say Luke’s death- becoming one with the force is the farthest thing from dying. The truth is, nothing went wrong (at least emotionally). But when Finn was ready to sacrifice himself in front of the battering ram laser, it looked like the audience was about to get their necessary heroic death that balances the victory. Don’t get me wrong- I love Finn, as I’m sure you do too- but there needed to be a sacrifice more impactful than Holdo’s. She was simply too minor to trigger any real emotion. Plus, wasn’t she doomed anyways? She quoted herself as going down with the ship. But back to Finn. Instead of letting Finn carry out with his mission, and subsequently stop the laser, they decided to have Rose jump out of nowhere and intercept him. This is a bad move for a few reasons. 1. Why would she do that? They would all just get blown up by the laser or the defeat anyways. It’s highly counterproductive. 2. I didn’t really care about the thought of Rose dying. Again, not enough plot development to really make it sting. The directors tried to make up for it by having Luke be the great sacrifice, dying after he exerts all of his strength on Crait, but again, Luke didn’t die. Becoming one with the force is like retiring from government, but coming back on Twitter whenever something is going wrong to voice your opinions. Mark Hamill will be back next movie with a blue ring around his head, don’t you worry about it. Yet in the end, I’m happy Finn is alive, and I can’t deny how awesome Rose’s quote was at the end of it all.

    “That’s how we’re gonna win. Not fighting what we hate, saving what we love.”

Like I said, I loved the movie. Aside from these 5 plot holes, it was near perfect. Definitely top 3 in the series so far. And I like the way the next movie is shaping up. My only concern is if the owners of Star Wars will decide to drag the series on or not. In reference to the closing scene with the  force-sensitive kid- great, they have material to make 21 Star Wars Movies. But do we need 21 Star Wars movies? If this becomes an entirely for-profit venture, by movie 15 the entire thing will be ruined. Hopefully Disney will realize when it’s time to let a good thing die, and not milk the story for money.

May the force be with you,


One thought on “Josh Petteruti Reviews “The Last Jedi”

  • December 18, 2017 at 3:23 am

    Great article!

    I agree with your points, but I felt that The Last Jedi was a good movie… and only a good movie. Everything seemed to lack any real impact, and the whole thing felt like a stepping stone rather than something epic that was deserving of the title, “The Last Jedi.” After the movie, I was really just left with wanting something more.


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