Jacob Connoly wins New England Track Championship

By Cabot Shore

On Saturday March 5th, 2022 Jacob Connoly went from not being good to running to breaking his High School record for fastest mile run and winning the New England Championship. Jacob was inspired to begin his running journey by his mother.

“She ran in college and she would always do the local 5ks and I would always do them with her,” Jacob said.

Jacob attended Cole Middle School where he began doing track, he has stayed with track ever since, and his inspiration was no longer his mother but also his teammates. When Jacob was running in middle school he actually claims he did not get really good at running until 11th grade.

“I wasn’t really good in middle school, I probably got good at it junior year” Jacob said.

Despite not being the best runner Jacob kept running because it was his passion and he slowly improved. “As long as you just put your nose down and do the work you will see results.” Jacob said. This attitude helped Jacob beat the East Greenwich High School 5k record during last cross country season.

In Jacob’s senior year he became eligible to compete in the New England Championship where six of the best high school runners from each state in New England gathered to race. Jacob was skilled enough to win the race and set a new school record for the fastest mile at 4:13:88.

But Jacob does not intend for that to be the end of his running career. Jacob has received numerous athletic scholarships to Boston University for his work, he plans to keep running in college, set new records, and head to nationals for outdoor track and field.