“It’s prom!”

By: Gwen Pearson

Prom is an event that has cluttered my mind for the past few months. The amount of anticipation and preparation for one night seems ludicrous, but it is justified by two words- “it’s prom.” I always thought “I love you” was the shortest, most powerful set of words. I suppose I was wrong. Because the power prom carries is beyond anything I could ever imagine. What, with all the limos, and haircuts, and tans, and dresses, and jewelry, and shoes, and suits, and make-up, and photos. Personally, it’s all too much. The easy, and by far less expensive and stressful, way would be to just not go. But, alas, I have never been one for the easy routes. For this specific topic, I cannot offer any advice as I have never attended a prom. But I can share my rather interesting thoughts and opinions. Hopefully that will suffice.


Prom is an event that is over-commercialized and, arguably, over represented in the media. Television shows, books, and movies alike all publicize it. On the topic of movies, one of my favorites comes to mind when I think about prom. Pretty in Pink, while not focused on prom, is a tale that depicts the woes and triumphs of the prom season. If you haven’t seen the film, I recommend you drop whatever you’re doing and watch it right now. I’ve always wanted to be like Andie. Spoiler alert, she gets asked to prom and then learns her date asked someone else. Yet, she struts into prom stag and in a dress she made herself. She exudes confidence. And in the end, she has the perfect dress and the perfect guy. While it’s wishful thinking on my part, I’ve always kind of pictured prom this way. Something super dramatic happening beforehand, and then it being reconciled in a romantic way during the dance. I’ve always said I wanted to drive to prom instead of taking a limo so I could leave early and make a grand, romantic gesture. I’m not even sure if you’re allowed to leave prom early, but hey, that would just make it more grand.


There are loads of different ways you can view prom, but if you’re like me, you’re somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. Semi-excited, but semi-stressed, annoyed, frustrated, and broke. It’s all part of the experience.


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