Golden Apple: Mr. Petrucci

As Mr. Carniaux put it in his letter recommending Mr. Petrucci for the Golden Apple, “Rob Petrucci is EGHS.” According to Mr. Carniaux, there is no other educator more deserving of the Golden Apple Award than Mr. Petrucci. As a new freshman in Mr. Petrucci’s American Democracy class, I couldn’t agree more. Mr. Petrucci somehow makes topics as serious as international issues and social security fun to learn about. Every single student in the classroom feels included in the learning process. 

This is one of the many reasons Mr. Carniaux nominated his friend and longtime mentor for this prestigious award. Mr. Petrucci was at East Greenwich High School when Mr. Carniaux attended school here. He worked during in-school suspensions so Mr. Carniaux never really saw him, but when he became an educator, the two became very close. According to Mr Carniaux, Mr. Petrucci has made him a better teacher. He even said, “in college they don’t really teach you how to deal with students. He taught me all of the non-teaching aspects of teaching which can be more important than teaching. Like they don’t teach you how to help a student going through a tough time, but he taught me that. Connecting with a student outside of your content area and make them more interested in your content area.” This is what truly makes Mr. Petrucci special, he finds a way to connect with every single student.

Even though he is an incredible teacher who definitely deserves the recognition, he isn’t in it for the fame. When he found out Mr. Carniaux nominated him, he told him, “that I was in trouble and that he was going to get me, I wouldn’t know when or how but he was going to get me.” However, Mr. Carniaux is not scared, he is ¨super excited that he won because he deserves it more than anyone.” Every student that has had Mr. Petrucci probably agrees with this statement because he makes it his personal mission to connect with every student on some level. Whether it be in class, on the field, or on the stage, his infectious sense of humor brightens everyone’s day and makes them feel like he cares what they have to say and he really does. Congratulations Mr. Petrucci!

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By Gigi Giuliano

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